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Chamber furnace temperature determination techniques

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It requires certain skills to determine the furnace temperature, the loading amount of the furnace or the heating time of the box-type furnace. If there is a mistake, the furnace itself will be damaged greatly and the process effect is difficult to achieve the desired effect. Here's some professional advice for you. The details are as follows:

1. Determine the heating time of the box-type furnace. The quick heating time is generally calculated according to the effective size of the workpiece section, and determined according to the actual situation and previous experience.

The determination of 2, box-type furnace, furnace temperature in the chamber furnace using rapid heating, considering the service life of the wire resistance, the furnace temperature are stipulated in 920 ~ 940 ℃ (resistance) for chromium nickel material, 940 ~ 960 ℃ (resistance wire as iron chromium aluminum material) or 960 ~ 980 ℃ (such as for containing niobium wire, molybdenum alloy composition of the material).

3, the determination of the loading capacity of the box furnace is generally determined according to the power of the box furnace and the use area. Its principle is: the first batch of workpiece before the furnace wall surface has reached the specified temperature, and each time after the furnace temperature can be quickly restored to the specified temperature. If the charging amount is too large and the furnace power does not match, the furnace temperature will not be restored for a long time, affecting the accuracy of time calculation. During mass production, it can be carried out in batches.

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