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Vacuum Porcelain Furnace

Sky color 1G type 2

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Tiancai 1G, 2G automatic programmable vacuum porcelain oven

Chassis lifting type

Porcelain and all-ceramic integrated furnace, applicable to all kinds of porcelain powder and all-ceramic materials (VITA in-ceram? And Shanghai yuguan, etc.)

Low maximum limit temperature: 1305 ℃;

Maximum temperature holding time up to 150 minutes

Large LCD monochrome LCD display, data at a glance

Color 1G black and white LCD display

Sky color 2G color LCD display

Simple installation and convenient use

Super anti-power interference, instant 94V ~ 264V

The unique vacuum tube design, no return air phenomenon

Vacuum precision, time or temperature can be set by two methods

Maximum working vacuum -97Kpa; Vacuum value real-time display, clear

Automatic cleaning procedures; Night insulation function; Keyboard correction temperature

300 programs for users to set arbitrary

Clock display function

Display function of indoor environment temperature (tiancai 1G)

Voltage: 220V /110V 10%, 50Hz /60Hz

Power: 1500W 10%

Length width height: 380 340 605mm

Weight 26 kg

To pass the European CE certification ISO9001

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