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Notes for installation of vacuum sintering furnace

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Vacuum sintering furnace is to produce high temperature of tungsten crucible in the coil by means of medium frequency induction heating under the protection of hydrogen after vacuum extraction, and conduct the heat radiation to work. It is applicable to the powder forming and sintering of refractory alloy such as tungsten, molybdenum and their alloys in scientific research and military industrial units.

The installation site of vacuum sintering furnace should meet the requirements of vacuum sanitation, the surrounding air should be clean and dry, and have good ventilation conditions, the working site is not easy to raise dust. In use, we must know the following questions:

1. Check whether all parts and accessories in the control cabinet are complete and intact.

2. The control cabinet shall be installed on the corresponding foundation and fixed.

3, according to the wiring diagram, and refer to the electrical schematic diagram, connect the external main loop and control loop, and reliable grounding, ensure correct wiring.

4, check the moving part of the electrical appliances should move freely, no stuck phenomenon.

5. The insulation resistance shall not be lower than 2 megohm.

6, the vacuum furnace valve must be in the closed position.

7. Put the control power switch in the off position.

8. The manual pressure regulating knob rotates the head counterclockwise.

9. Put the alarm button in the open position.

10. Complete the connection of circulating cooling water of the equipment according to the plan. It is suggested that the user should connect another standby water (available tap water) in the main inlet and outlet pipe of the equipment to prevent the failure of circulating water or power failure leading to the burning of sealing ring.

Special remind

1. As the mold is generally prepared by the user, the mold material is basically high purity graphite, and its pressure limit is 40MPa. It is suggested that the user can use it safely below 30MPa.

System allowable pressure (ton)= upper or lower punch area x 30MPa

The company shall not be responsible for the damage of graphite products such as molds, pressing blocks, heating elements and thermal insulation screens caused by blind pressure not calculated in advance.

2, the thermocouple is tungsten rhenium type, used will be brittle, can not contact. If the damage should be replaced in time. The model is W2.

3, winter should pay attention to the circulation of water to keep warm, or easy to occur pipe burst.

4, after the use of the furnace should be maintained vacuum, because the furnace insulation layer is prone to moisture, vacuum so that the next time the vacuum will be faster.

5, because the equipment is more complex, it is recommended to use a dedicated person, dedicated person is responsible for, the novice strict implementation of pre-use training, post-use inspection, operation and use to have a record of the use of equipment regulations.

6. This hot-pressing furnace can also be used as a vacuum sintering furnace. When it is used for vacuum sintering furnace, please pay attention to placing the crucible in the furnace, and don't forget to cover the small cover in the middle after putting the heat preservation screen cover on it. Otherwise easy to burn loss furnace.

7. Before operation, clean the window glass, clean the inner wall of the furnace, observe the water pressure, observe whether the graphite in the furnace is damaged, observe whether the instrument display is normal after power on, and test whether the hydraulic system can work normally.

8, useful thermocouple heating process, pay attention to the comparison with the infrared temperature deviation, such as the temperature difference is large, should use the infrared sight to observe whether the infrared instrument is aligned.

9. After using the electric furnace for one year, the instrument shall be sent back to the measurement department for proofreading.

10. Frequently touch the cover, furnace body, furnace bottom, electrode and up and down pressure head with hands during operation to prevent water temperature from too high to damage the seal.

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