Refractory ceramic fiber shaped products

detail intruduction
   Product introduction:
   Refractory ceramic fiber special-shaped products are made by removing the slag of ceramic fiber and mixing it with different proportions of inorganic binder and organic binder, using dry or wet vacuum suction and filtration molding process, processed by special processes, and made according to different requirements Different shapes and specifications are suitable for products with special requirements on specific parts.
   Product Point:
   The shape is complex and plasticity is strong; it is easy to install and easy to use; it has excellent fire resistance and heat insulation performance;
   Long nozzle sealing ring, casting different pipe; complete set of electric heating vacuum forming components; heat insulation sealing gasket, gasket, metal melting channel, melting tank heat insulation liner; various industrial kiln doors, burner bricks, observation holes;
  Product performance:


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