Aluminum silicate fiber cotton

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   Aluminum silicate fiber cotton is made of high-quality raw materials by melt blowing or spinning process.
The products are divided into ordinary, high-aluminum and zirconium-containing fibers, which are suitable for different use temperatures.   
   Aluminum silicate fiber is a kind of material with low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal and chemical stability, without binder and corrosiveness.
   Application: interlayer filling of equipment, fiber castable, raw material for spreading material, raw material for vacuum forming products, etc. Aluminum silicate fiber, also called ceramic fiber, is a new type of lightweight refractory material. The material has light bulk density, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, small heat capacity, good resistance to mechanical vibration, small thermal expansion, and thermal insulation properties. Good and other advantages, after special processing, can be made into aluminum silicate fiber board, aluminum silicate fiber felt, aluminum silicate fiber rope, aluminum silicate fiber blanket and other products. The new type of sealing material has high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, light bulk density, long service life, high tensile strength, good elasticity, and non-toxicity. It is a new type of material that replaces asbestos and is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, machinery, and chemical thermal equipment On the insulation.
   Brief introduction of aluminum silicate fiber cotton:   
   Aluminum silicate fiber cotton refers to the fiber produced by the blowing or spinning method, and the bulk fiber assembled by the cotton collector or the settling device, also known as the raw cotton fiber, is the raw material for processing secondary fiber products.   
  has stable performance, long fiber, high tensile strength, and fewer slag balls. The products are widely used as raw materials for fiber textile products, fiber spraying materials, casting materials, coating materials, raw materials for water-based products, and gap fillers in high temperature areas of equipment.
  A brief description:   
  Aluminum silicate fiber cotton is mainly divided into: aluminum silicate fiber blowing cotton and aluminum silicate fiber spinning cotton
  Product Point:   
  1. Low thermal conductivity and low heat capacity.   
  2. Excellent chemical stability.   
  3. Excellent thermal stability and shock resistance.   
  4. Excellent tensile strength.   
  5. Excellent sound absorption.   
  6. No binding agent and corrosive substances.

product category:   
  Ordinary ceramic fiber cotton, quasi-ceramic fiber cotton, pure ceramic fiber cotton, ceramic fiber cotton, zirconium ceramic fiber cotton
  Industrial kilns, heating devices, high-temperature pipeline wall linings, power boilers, gas turbines and nuclear power insulation, wall linings of high-temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment in the chemical industry, building materials industry glass kiln insulation, high-rise building fire protection, heat insulation, welding Stress-relieving heat insulation of parts, stress-relieving heat insulation of special-shaped metal castings, furnace doors, roof insulation, high-temperature filter materials, raw materials for fiber textile products, fiber spraying, casting materials, coating materials, water-based product raw materials, Filling material for gaps in high temperature areas of equipment.
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