ceramic fiber integral module

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product description:
  The aluminum silicate refractory fiber module is made of aluminum silicate fiber needle punched blanket, through advanced equipment, through folding, adding anchors and other accessories. This product is a commonly used thermal module in industrial kilns. Because the fiber module is in a compressed state, after installation, the module expands due to the rebound of the fiber, making the lining seamless, offsetting the thermal contraction of the fiber, and improving the fiber lining Thermal performance. Depending on the use environment. Surface treatment agent can be coated on the working surface of the module to improve the performance of the module.
Product Point:
Low bulk density, low thermal conductivity;      Excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance;      Excellent resilience;      
High mechanical strength;      
Convenient construction and installation;
Various fiber stoves in the petrochemical industry;       Fiber lining of various electric heating furnaces in electric power industry boilers and metallurgical building materials industry;      
Various ceramic kiln, tunnel kiln lining;      
Insulation lining of various thermal equipment;
Product performance:


Note: The data in the table are average values and should not be regarded as guaranteed values.

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