Aluminum silicate refractory fiber blanket

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product description:    
  Aluminum silicate refractory fiber blanket is a fiber blanket made of melt-blown fiber, reinforced needle punching process and high temperature heat setting. The blanket not only has all the properties of light, fire-resistant loose cotton products, but also has good sound insulation performance and mechanical strength, and is easy to process and install.       product point:      
  low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity; good thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance, crystallization resistance; excellent chemical stability; fiber elasticity, high temperature shrinkage; easy to process and install;    Applications:      
  Industrial kilns, heating devices, high-temperature pipelines; boiler gas turbines and nuclear power insulation and sealing; building fire protection and high-temperature thermal equipment insulation; high-temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment wall linings; high-temperature filter materials;      
Product performance:


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