Mold release agent for cast aluminum

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    Mold release agent for cast aluminum is a kind of effective substance between mold and finished product. According to the chemical composition of cast aluminum release agent, it can be divided into three categories: inorganic, organic and polymer. Cast aluminum mold release agent has chemical resistance and will not be dissolved when it comes in contact with the chemical composition of different resins. Cast aluminum mold release agent also has heat resistance and stress performance quality, not easy to decompose or wear; cast aluminum mold release agent adheres to the mold without being attached to the processed parts, and will not hinder painting or other secondary processing . The role of the cast aluminum release agent is that the gradually solidified fireproof and thermal insulation material products can only be separated from the mold smoothly, and then a smooth and clean product can be obtained, and the material that the mold is used for many times. Due to the rapid improvement of technical processes such as injection molding, extrusion, calendering, molding, and lamination, the use of mold release agents for cast aluminum has also increased rapidly.
   Performance and characteristics
   has good non-wetting properties with molten aluminum, magnesium, zinc and their alloys     
  High lubricity, low friction coefficient      
  High bonding strength, high bonding strength with steel, not easy to fall off      
  High resistance, good edge performance      
  High chemical inertness, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion      High temperature resistance, maintain good lubricity and inertness at high temperature      
  water-based paint, non-toxic and easy to clean   
  Technical Index


Scope of application
  a. It is very suitable for the protection of metal and non-metal materials in contact with aluminum in the process of melting aluminum, such as the protection of riser pipes, heat preservation pots, aluminum ladle and diversion grooves; for the casting of aluminum alloys and aluminum bars It also has excellent lubrication and protection; protection of stainless steel and heat-resistant steel.           
  b.High temperature lubricant, release agent, anti-slagging agent, when used as a release agent, it can be used repeatedly after brushing, without brushing twice.   
  c. Used as a protective agent in metal vacuum plating machines.

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