The panda type 1

The panda type 1

Furnace lifting type

Ceramic, all - ceramic furnace, can be applied to a variety of porcelain powder and all - ceramic materials

Large screen LCD display

The man-machine interface is simple, intuitive and easy to operate

The independent SET system sets one key to enter the function

Vacuum unit can switch freely between Kpa, mmHg and InHg

"The highest working temperature 1200

The unique vacuum tube design, no return air phenomenon

Maximum working vacuum -97Kpa; Vacuum real-time dynamic display

Vacuum precision, time or temperature can be set by two methods

Automatic cleaning function

200 programs for users to set arbitrary

Clock display function

Indoor environment temperature display function

Super anti-power interference, instant 94V~264V

Voltage: 220V/110V 10%,50Hz /60Hz

Power: 1500VA 10%

To pass the European CE certification ROSH ISO9001

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