Classic 3 G

All-ceramic and metal-porcelain functions

Max temperature: 1305C

Max temperature time: 150 minutes

Excellent sealing performance

Vacuum is set by time or temperature

Max working vacuum: -96Kpa

Auto purge; Auto night mode;

Temperature calibration by keypad;

Time and room temperature display in real time;

300 programs are set freely by user;

The muffle (furnace head) moves up and down; Multi-display screens;

Depth:   430mm

Width:   324mm

Height:   490mm (620mm)

Weight:  28kg (without vacuum pump)

Electrical specification: 220V /110V10%; 50Hz /60Hz; 1500W10%;

CE, ROHS, ISO9001, ISO14001, GBT28001 Certificates;

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