3F silicon molybdenum rod zirconia crystal furnace

General target: no pollution, super clear, high reliability

1. Mobile Internet/Internet Internet (IoT), intelligent fault diagnosis

2. 14-bit AD conversion, more accurate temperature, super clear crown and bridge

3, industrial design, long life, stable and reliable

4. The crown bridge is usually removed in 150 minutes

5, full parameter detection, the state of the machine is transparent

6. Standard industrial-grade anti-explosion touch screen

7. More than 10 years' experience is completely new

8. Preset the firing start time

9, temperature up to 1600

10, burn faster

11. Two-year warranty

12. Power supply: 110/220/230/240v ac, 50/60hz,2500VA

13. Passed the certification of CE, ROHS, ISO9001, ISO14001 and GBT/28001

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